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Felicity Hall Sturcombe, Rackenford, Tiverton, Devon EX16 8EG
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Some frequently asked questions that may be helpful to you...

I have never done needlepoint before, are these kits suitable for beginners?

Yes, Felicity Hall designs have a predominantly graphic style with a lot of flat colour so they are perfect for a beginner. Each kit comes with a full set of instructions, including clear diagrams of how to do the stitch and how to finish the design. A guide on how to make your design into a cushion is also featured on this website here.

What does 14 hpi Zweigart canvas mean?

Hpi is the amount of 'holes per inch'. Felicity Hall kits use 14 hpi canvas as the stitches are small enough to allow detail in the designs, but large enough to see easily and add texture to the piece. 'Zweigart' is the make of the canvas, it's extremely high quality and we feel the best you can get.

I've lost some of my wool can I get a replacement from you?

Yes, e-mail us with the shade number and which kit you're working on and we can work out how much you need to finish the design.

Do your kits include backing fabric and trim for cushions? No each kit just includes everyt

hing you need to stitch the design, finishing materials are not included. For great trims try

Will you be producing charts of your existing kit designs?

No we are currently developing a range of large charted letters and possibly will be creating other charted designs in the future, but the kit designs will not be available as charts.

Do I have to use a frame when stitching a design?

It's really down to personal choice, we prefer to use a frame as it tends to make stitching easier as the canvas is kept taught and keeps the canvas from distorting whilst you stitch. We suggest that you use the Basketweave technique (Instructions and diagrams for this stitch can be found under the Needlepoint Guide and are included in each kit) to stitch the design as this helps to keep the canvas square. The frames we highly recommend are the Elbesee Easy Clip brand as there is no need to stitch the canvas to the frame. Click here for their website.