Hello! I am Felicity Hall the designer and creator of Felicity Hall Contemporary Needlepoint kits...I would like to welcome you to my website, here you will find a collection of kits and PDF charts for sale, along with some simple ideas and techniques to get your mind inspired and your fingers stitching!

I am extremely passionate about needlepoint and the art of stitching. As a stitcher myself, I always try to create designs that will be fun to do and keep your interest, but also fit with stylish interiors- I don't want all of your hard work to end up at the bottom of a cupboard never to be seen by anyone! It's important that you are proud of what you have stitched and can exclaim at the top of your voice "I made it myself!". It is so rewarding taking time to make something physical, by yourself, from a simple stitch, piece of canvas, needle and some lengths of wool. I truly believe that there is nothing more satisfying than creating something yourself and enjoying the end result as much as the process of making it...

I have always been creative...I can't remember ever being interested in anything else! When I was a child I was always drawing or making things, from stuffed toys to cross stitched samplers. I designed my first needlepoint over twenty years ago, when at the age of ten I asked my mother to stitch a sun and moon cushion that I had sketched on a scrap of squared paper!

As a result it was inevitable that I went on to study textiles and fine art painting (my other passion!) at college and university. I then started my journey in needlepoint design in 2009. After working for a hand-painted needlepoint company in London, and free-lancing for a number of crafts magazines, I realised there was a gap in the market for printed needlepoint kits that had a contemporary edge and that would also be interesting to stitch.

You could say my design process is rather a selfish one, as I don't tend to design anything that I wouldn't love to stitch and have myself! A major part of a designs development, for me, is that I always try to envisage the room that one of my cushions might live in, or an outfit that a clutch bag may be worn with. It's very important to me that the designs have a long life after the stitching activity has ended.

I think you can see from my designs that I have a love of typography, vintage florals, retro cars, birds (put a bird on it!) butterflies, pattern and most of all colour! I am inspired by interior design, fashion, graphic design, illustration, textile design and fine art...basically anything visual!

Trips to the V&A museum are a constant source of inspiration along with scouring antique shops for unique items, window displays, blogs, gardens, books...I always try to take the time to look...something my grandfather always told me to do.

I am continually designing, whether it's just jotting down potential themes or spending hours up to my armpits in hanks of wool deciding colourways(!)...I'm always thinking of new concepts and projects. I have shelves of notebooks, full of ideas and sketches...I literally can't stitch fast enough!

You will find some of my designs in Cross stitcher magazine as I'm a regular contributor, I recently also enjoyed contributing to the book 'State of Craft', a contemporary crafts book published by Black Dog Publishing.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at my website and find something you like or that inspires you...If you have any questions then please drop me an e-mail or call me...I would love to hear from you!

Happy stitching!