Celebrate a special day by stitching a
fabulous date cushion using these PDF number charts...

Create a jumbo sized cushion (Approx 115cm x 33cm) like above, by stitching each number in cross stitch on 10 Hpi canvas... or if you prefer a more modest approach, stitch in tent stitch on 14 Hpi canvas (To create a cushion 82cm x 23cm).


PDF Number Charts...

These are counted needlepoint or cross stitch charts that are provided in PDF format, so you can print them out on your own computer.

Your charts and style sheet will be sent to you as e-mail attachments, so be sure to enter your e-mail address at the checkout
. Once payment is received you will be e-mailed the files within one working day.

You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view and print the files...You can download it for free here.

The charts are designed to be printed onto 1-2 sheets of A4 size paper, depending upon the width of the number. The style sheet will use 1 side of A4 also, and include a shade card and symbol key.

Each chart is in colour, with simple symbols representing each shade. Some of the numbers are in two sections, each section has a centre mark and numbered grid.
Each number is around 116 stitches in height  (Some are slightly larger due to the style) -
  Stitched in tent stitch on14 HPI canvas each number is approx 21cm high

Stitched in cross stitch on 10 HPI canvas each number is approx 29.5cm high
Tips about printing your chart, reading your chart, sizes, spacing and borders are all included on the style sheet that you will be sent with your charted number(s).

Please note there is no delivery charge for the PDF charts, please select the 'Purchase of PDF Chart *No delivery' button on the shopping cart page.